15th July 2017 - Service of Commitment in Handsworth

Service of Commitment for Mercy Associates
St. Mary’s Convent, Handsworth

On Saturday 24th June, two of our associate members made their commitment.  The other members supported and encouraged them and presented them with their candles, certificates and badges.  Both Denise Whitaker and Audrey Robbins have been associated with us at St. Mary’s for some time as well as attending the Associates Meetings.  Denise has been our Secretary for over three years and Audrey has been our Monday Volunteer.  It was a moving and joyful occasion.

Audrey Robbins wrote:  “I feel very honoured to be part of the Associates of the Sisters of Mercy.  The Ceremony, when I made my promises was so spiritual and uplifting, especially as it took place in the beautiful chapel of the Convent.  I feel a sense of belonging and look forward to practising my promises.”  Audrey bought a new dress for the occasion.

Denise Whitaker wrote:  “I didn’t know what to expect before attending my first Mercy Associates meeting some two years ago.  What I have actually encountered in the period since is something very powerful yet intimate; a spirit of affection and generosity that unifies the group members in prayer, action and reflection; a humility and enrichment born of sharing perceptive thoughts through wise yet simple words.  I look forward to the monthly gatherings and always take away some sentiment of value.

Again, I didn’t know what to expect before being inaugurated as a Mercy Associate two weeks ago.  I was moved by the simple beauty of the ceremony; the support and congratulations extended to Audrey and myself by Sisters and fellow Associates as we stood before the altar and made our affirmations; the participation of fellow members as they welcomed us into the group and presented us with tokens of our commitment.  One of the Sisters said I was now a ‘Mercy woman’ – I hope I can live up to this accolade!” Denise looked very smart in black and white.

...article kindly provided by Sister Noreen

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